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People Have Trouble Hearing Me On My Windows Desktop


I have an HP Windows desktop that I use for my work. It's running Windows 10 Pro. When I participate in Zoom meetings people tell me that my audio is difficult to hear, as if it comes in and then goes out, kind of like a sin wave.  Zoom works fine on my Android phone and my daughter uses Zoom for her work with no problem so I'm pretty certain it isn't our Internet connection. I use my phone for most meetings but there are some where I want to do a Powerpoint presentation or demonstrate some software that only runs on my Desktop. I've started logging in twice, once with everything but my video turned off on my desktop and then on my Android phone without video but with audio. That actually works but it is kind of a pain to do. I download Microsoft updates almost immediately so I think I have all the current drivers.  I'm wondering if I purchased an external mic would that likely fix it? Or any suggestions for other fixes?