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Participants accepting a recurring invite


I need to schedule a recurring meeting that has different times over a one month period. I have the meeting scheduled in my calendar and I want to send the invite to 25 people - I edited a recurring meeting to reflect the correct days and question is how do I send the invite in a way that each occurrence, when accepted, will go into my invitees calendar as well?


This in the body of the invite email - it is scheduled as such in my calendar...when accepted will it show up in theirs as well? Or do they need to schedule it manually by themselves? I'd like it to go into their calendar on acceptance.

Week 1:

Monday, July 25th 10-11 AM

Tuesday, July 26th 11-12 Noon

Thursday, July 28th 9-9:30


Weeks 2-4:

Wednesday, August 3rd 9-9:30

Friday, August 5th 9-9:30


Wednesday, August 10th 9-9:30

Friday, August 12th 9-9:30


Wednesday, August 17th 9-9:30

Friday, August 19th 9-9:30


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

This is going to be dependent on your calendaring service.  You'll need to check with their support articles.  Zoom doesn't send out calendaring invites.

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