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My laptop screen goes fuzzy sometimes when I am running a zoom meeting.


Sometimes, when I am hosting a zoom meeting with one of our pro accounts at work, my laptop monitor loses resolution and looks "fuzzy" to me.  I am reasonably sure that this is not a hardware issue with my video card because I also run a second monitor and there is no problem with things that are displayed there.


Any suggestions?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@stacky1967  – Zoom does its best to make sure something gets through. Sometimes Zoom senses a network bottleneck and throttles back the resolution so it can be sure entire frames are getting through. Sometimes it will even sacrifice video to be sure that audio can make it through.

It’s especially problematic when many people on the same network are in the same meeting, and all of their video, audio, and screen sharing flow through the same firewall/router.

 Ask presenters using screen sharing NOT to use 4K monitors for presenting. Zoom attempts to send screen sharing at its native resolution - and sacrifices frame rate to maintain throughput.

 The Zoom app and servers are doing the best they can with the entire network chain, from source to destination. Sometimes it’ll make bad choices, but usually it’s excellent. 
(My opinion as a Zoom user - not employed by Zoom!)

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