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When I am in zoom and showing my PowerPoint presentation I have video link in my power point presentation and when I share screen to let them see the video it ok, but I must go through several click to get back to my power point presentation. Why can't I click on my video and then when it finishes go back to my power point presentation.  Someone please help, because Zoom support is one of the worst support system out here.  I work with Teams and it is awesome.  Unfortunately, this one company I am working with only use Zoom and they are having the same issues too.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Powerpoint has numerous issues and presenting video is one of them. If you are just presenting slides without fancy transitions consider using OBS Studio, which is a very stable and free product that can do slides, images, handle multiple videos, video capture devices, screen capture, window capture, multiple audio sources, cameras, NDI sources, text, browser display and has the capability to include numerous plugins for additional functionality. It can output to multiple screens simultaneously and is easily screen shared with Zoom or used like a webcam and can record all the output in HD to a file.