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License VS New Account


Hello All,

I am trying to work out the difference between purchasing a licence or just purchasing a new account. They seem to be about the same price, so I am wondering what the difference is.


I have a few employees who need to have their own meetings with clients at their own times (sometimes same time as me). So I am wondering if I am better off buying licences for them, or just paying for their own personal Pro account?

Thank you


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Good morning,

As you indicate at an economic level, there is no difference unless we are talking about a high number of licenses in which the scales allow, from a certain volume, to lower the cost per unit.

Now, to understand the difference, imagine that you are a company, each license, you will buy it so that each worker can use it and they are within the same corporate environment, it also allows you to assign or unassign functionalities depending on whether the user is operational or low, etc.

I hope I have solved your doubt,


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Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

It's better to all be in the same account, for the reasons @david-vola mentioned. All employees can easily collaborate and you as the owner can switch the PRO license between users as they need it.


And with the change that Zoom implemented yesterday (free users are now limited to 40 minutes even for 1 on 1 meetings) it's better to have your employee with basic license in your paid account, so they can still profit from the unlimited 1 on 1 meeting duration.