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Issues with Anker B600 Video Bar


Since upgrading to Dell Latitude 7430 running Windows 11 Enterprise, my Zooms have been crashing my video driver when using the Anker B600 Video bar. Generally this happens when either myself or someone else is presenting. But can happen in just video conferences. 

The Dell is connected to a Dell D6000 USB Docking station via USB-C, and the camera is connected to the dock via USB-C cable as well. 

This crashing did not happen on my old Dell Latitude running Windows 10 Pro, so this is new behavior that I haven't been able to pin down yet.  The Dell, Dock, Anker Camera, and Zoom (6.0.0 37205) are all up to date with the latest versions and firmware.  I have removed, rebooted, and reinstalled the Zoom client and continue to get the same results.