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I've been locked out of my account and can't get help.


I use my laptop to open Zoom meetings for my clients. I do this several times a day several days a week. 
Occasionally Zoom asks me to sign in to my account from the page. Today I was taken to that page and told that I was trying to get on from an unfamiliar location. THIS WAS NOT TRUE. To open my account they said I should go to my email and retrieve a CODE and fill it in. THERE WAS NO EMAIL FROM ZOOM AND NO CODE. It's been hours and I've requested the code multiple times and still no code. 

I tried to phone Support, gave the the automated system my account number and then was asked for my Host Key. But I cannot locate my Host Key since I cannot get into my account to find it. 

I tried to get on a phone call to speak to a human about purchasing or billing - I figured I'd get a human that way. But it's been a long wait and the music they play is disturbing, threatening, anxiety-producing. That is so unusual and not normal. What is going on? 

Is there any way to CONTACT A LIVE HUMAN AT ZOOM? I depend on Zoom for my livelihood! 
Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. 



Having a similar issue and not able to get anyone to help me as well. That is really poor customer service.  Very frustrated. I see this was a month ago was this resolved and if so how?


Will I ever get help