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How to assign a permanent alternate host to all meetings?


My account has a personal room configured.  I assigned an "Alternate host" in the room. Meetings are scheduled via interaction from Calendly.  However, the alternate host, when they try to access a meeting, still log in as "guest", and require my approval and then me manually designating them as "Host" in the meeting.

Is there a way to permanently configure my Zoom account so that every new meeting created in the future will allow at least 2 hosts "out of the box", and either one have all the "host" permissions?



This is something you could use APIs for to assign an alternative host by default every time a meeting is scheduled. If you are not a developer there is a Zoom marketplace app, Salepager, that lets you assign an alternate host by default when scheduling Zoom meetings.


Hi, below are the steps I used to add permanent alternative hosts. No need to manually assign an alt host via the Participants tab on Zoom each time you start a call. You may want to follow these steps on a browser version as mobile/desktop may look a bit different.  


1. Log into Zoom

2. On the left menu tab, hit "Meetings"

3. Under the heading labelled "Meetings" is a horizontal menu, one is "Personal Room," hit that

4. Once you're in the "Personal Room" tab, hit the "Edit" button on the bottom of the page (next to "Copy Invitation"

5. Scroll down to "Options," on the bottom of the page and hit the "Show" hyperlink to the left of it

6. Clicking "Show" will collapse another menu, scroll to the bottom to the "Alternative Hosts" text box

7. Add users

8. Tick the box "Allow alt hosts to add or edit polls" if you need this feature.

9. Hit Save


Don't know why they make it a maze and a half to get there 😫