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*Host* Shared Content too small - using 2 monitors


Hi all, hope everyone well...  🙏🏻


I've got a fairly (for me) complex Zoom setup, so am trying to keep all the background programs on 1 big monitor, and hoping to see just my 'Zoom Output' on a 2nd, smaller monitor.


This works great when I'm in OBS/Virtual Camera mode but, when I switch to 'Screen Sharing' I just get a tiny screen (the one with a green border) to monitor all the visuals I'm sharing, (from the big monitor).


It would suit me to have the 'side-by-side' split-screen look, (with my Shared Content on one side, and cam/participant feeds on the other). But yes, basically I'd love to have that Shared Content *much* bigger


* I've tried lots of permutations, switching options in Settings > Share Screen, plus the various 'window options' which show when I'm *about to* 'Share Screen' (ie. green button), but to no avail.


Please can someone let me know if what I'm trying to do is possible, (with the system below) and if so how?


Nb. I'll be upgrading to the subscription version of Zoom at some point so, if that's what's necessary now, please let me know...


Many thanks in advance


All best,  Bob K  👇👇


MacBook Air Silicon M1 / Ventura 13.6.4 / Zoom (Free) - Version: 5.17.11 (31580)