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High CPU Usage viewing screenshare and voice stuttering


For the past few months, there have been issues with Zoom when I'm viewing someone's screenshare.  Bit of background, I work in financial systems support so when we have meetings, we will have few windows open as we are researching items when someone is presenting (or vice-versa).  My company's IT initially thought it was my new computer's issue but when they replaced my laptop with a new laptop (Dell 7330, i7-1255U, 16GB, Win10.0.19044) , it was the same issue.


Once someone screen shares and I would have to switch to different windows or even launching the Start button, CPU usage per Zoom Statistics would instantly start shooting up from 16-25% to 91-99%.  Audio from presenter would start stuttering.  My computer would slow down A LOT to the point that it can take a few secs for any keyboard or mouse response.  This would happen whether i'm at home or in the office.  When I would speak while this is happening, I would ask the people in meeting if my audio is OK and they say they can hear me perfectly.


Any advice from Zoom?