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Gallery View Switches to Speaker View After Screenshare


ON IPAD:  Up until this week, June 16, 2024, if someone shared their screen during a meeting, it would go back to gallery view, which is the correct view/setting.

Now when a participant ends a screen-share session, it goes automatically into speaker view. I have to manually find a moment to switch it back. I am a court reporter, and I have very little time to take my hands off my writer to do that.

What is going on? I'm not the only one who is having this issue. Three people I know already told me they are having it too. I just hope there is a fix.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Using iPad Zoom version 6.0.12 with gallery view selected before screen share I see it going back to gallery mode on the iPad after another participant stops their screen share. So there must be a condition you are not specifying.

Nope. One day everything was working - next day not.


Hey lorimand,


Well the gallery view is for you being a court reporter this is very frustrating. Yes, of course, it must return to the selected view after we finish screen sharing.


Storyhub didn't face the same problem, which is nice to know they are using a similar setup. Or is something else going on here?


Did you attempt to fully close and re-open Zoom on your iPad Weird glitches are often solved with a fresh start.

I will keep a look out for other reports or any workarounds in the meantime. This is something I hope Zoom fixes soon!

Thank you, Matt, for the kind reply. I have not had a screen share session yet, so I don't know what will happen. As I need more than myself on a zoom to try it, I will have to either ask friends to do it with me or see if I get one soon this week.

I will keep you posted when I'm able to try again. I will make sure I close and reopen Zoom and restart my iPad too.


Same problem here, but on Android. I believe it happens when there is a participant pinned by the host. Just started happening within the past few weeks.