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HD camera recording/External HD camera




How (and where) do I check what the video quality is of my Zoom video/camera recording?


And if I were to use an external HD camera, will Zoom compress (lower the quality of) my recording?



while you are in a Zoom meeting you can look at settings-->statistics-->video tab. this will show you send and receive stats. keep in mind if you are being seen in gallery the resolution will be 320x180. you will need to pin yourself full screen to see what full resolution you are sending. 

also if you are in video settings you can check the HD box. to host meetings in 720p you will need to request that in Zoom support. same for 1080p but it will need to be approved. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @chrissmit – I’d like to expand a little on @DanHuber‘s response. 

Getting an external camera is a good thing – I have several that I switch to, based in the situation. But one good camera will help you look your best, even when Zoom is only sharing a lower resolution with your other meeting members – but will really make your best impression on those occasions when Zoom is sharing your video with 720 or 1080 resolution.


I have a Logitech Brio that I use most of the time, a Logitech c922 (which I’ve had for many years) for a wider view of my “office”, and an off-brand but reliable Vitade HD960 for a side shot.  Depending on your budget, the Brio is generally available for just under $150, the more recent Logitech 920x and 922x are in the $70 range, and the Vitade is around $50, with a small ring light built in.


Next time you’re thinking about upgrading, consider getting a good quality microphone to up your audio game.  There are a variety of models to fit any budget. You’ll look and sound your best on any meeting!

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