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Feature request: save meeting recordings with STEREO AUDIO


Hi there! I've been looking through support request discussions and this has been desired by users for a few years now. When can we expect this to be implemented? It doesn't add that much file size to the recording and for those of us who use Zoom for music education need this feature as lots of songs and audio required stereo information.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Audio is far more complex than video to manage. I can suggest the possibility, but need a number of questions answered. Keep in mind that most meetings have all mics in mono mode and any stereo audio is typically shared.


Are you using desktop client only as the host?

Is EVERY student or only some students using a desktop client?

Are some or all using a mobile version of Zoom?

Are you looking for shared audio in stereo or mic audio in stereo? (these are 2 different sources - one is computer output audio and one is computer input audio)

Are you wanting to record live performance audio or prerecorded audio in stereo? (both can be done as mic or shared audio).

Are you just wanting the host audio in stereo or each participant in stereo? All parties in one file or each participant (including host) in separate files?


In lieu of Zoom not providing this feature it is possible to record stereo audio separately and sync that audio in post production. However, audio is still the most complex function in streaming. NDI audio and Dante audio offer ways to manage multi-track audio. Numerous pro hardware and pro software can manage multi-track audio. As a professional sound engineer for the motion picture and broadcast industries I can tell you that none of this is intuitive to use and often requires a skilled engineer to manage.