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Feature Request: "Prepare Screen Share Swap on Deck"


During many, many meetings we wind up doing swaps to share content, etc. It would be awesome to have an "On Deck" area where you can set up your screen share before it is your turn and someone can just click "transfer screen share to Joe Shmo" with no interruption.


The goal is to be able to queue-up everyone that is participating and be able to ensure they are all set before the swap happens to help prevent things like:

  • selecting the wrong window
  • selecting the wrong screen
  • making sure overlays are properly in place for things like custom capture card setups
  • etc.


We have a lot of these where you just don't get to preview your share and get things set up to make the transitions more seamless. The side-by-side sharing is awesome, but being to prep and then instantly transfer  (especially with a countdown timer) would be such a great asset for how we collaborate.