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Dual Monitors Speaker view changes size after screen sharing


We have an issue here that startet with some of the versions after Zoom Meeting 5.16.

This is with dual monitors and monitor 2 showing the speaker view.
Every time when i share the screen 2 it exits Full Screen and sometimes even moves to screen 1.
I couldn't help myself so i went back to Version 5.16 where it stays in full screen.

There is a second issue also during screen sharing. The galery view on screen one changes it's size to.
On some computers i could deactivate a screen sharing setting "Scale to fit..." that solved this problem.
But on other computer this checkbox is not available even in the same Zoom Version (Here 5.16).
What is the reason for the difference in the same version on different systems (both windows 10) ?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hello ,

i would like to guide you with those steps for troubleshooting issues : 


  1. Check Zoom Settings: Ensure that the settings related to dual monitors, screen sharing, and full-screen behavior are consistent across both systems.

  2. Update Drivers and OS: Ensure both systems have up-to-date graphics drivers and Windows updates.

  3. Reinstall Zoom: Uninstall Zoom completely from the affected systems and reinstall the exact same version.

  4. Configuration Reset: Clear the Zoom configuration cache as mentioned above.

  5. Compare System Configurations: Check for any differences in system display settings, user profiles, and any custom configurations that might affect Zoom’s behavior.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, consider reaching out to Official Zoom Support | Help Center  with detailed descriptions of the problems.


Best regards,