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Don't show me this person


When I am in somebody else's meeting (I am not the host), there is an individual whose video window I do not wish to see (in Gallery or any other views).  She is constantly gesturing in appropriate ways whenever she doesn't like what someone (including me) in the meeting says.  Since it isn't my meeting, I can't turn off her video.  I just don't want to see her on my system.  I guess I'm looking for sort of a reverse pin.  Is there any way to do this, short of me confronting her about her behavior and how it shows in her video window?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @VocalJim.


Sorry, I’m not aware of any way to eliminate one video from your display. Consider asking the Host to request this individual not engage in such conduct.  Often, a Host will create and promote a “Community Code of Conduct” outlining expected behavior standards. This might be something else you can ask the Host to do. 

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