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Concurrent meetings


My company is planning an event where we intend to have many people joining certain rooms at certain timings for meetings, something like the following table.



 Computer 1Computer 2Computer 3Computer 4
1.00pmFarmer AFarmer BFarmer CFarmer D
1.30pmFarmer EFarmer FFarmer GFarmer H
2.00pmFarmer IFarmer JFarmer KFarmer L
2.30pmFarmer MFarmer NFarmer OFarmer P


The computers will be the hosts of the meeting and after one farmer ends their call, we will let the other farmer join the room.

Currently we have 1 Zoom One Pro account. As we cannot have concurrent meetings, and we cannot have a meeting stop suddenly, am I correct to say that I need to purchase 3 more pro licenses? 


Thanks in advance.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It is not necessary to purchase more than one account if you use breakout rooms. A 5th computer can host the account and each of the 4 computers can host a breakout room on that account. The host computer can manage who goes into which room, when they go, and how long they stay.

Enable breakout rooms

Manage breakout rooms