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Can share video and sound, but can't hear the video myself (new issue)


Hi all!  I use zoom all the time, but having a new problem:  When I share my screen and sound the audience can see/hear the music or video perfectly, but suddently I can't hear it myself.  I have tried all of the audio setting options on both my zoom settings and computer settings and and nothing is working.  My zoom version is up to date, I am on a PC, microsoft 10.  This just happened today (worked fine yesterday and prior).  Tips or ideas?



I'm hoping someone has learned about a fix. I had two Zoom sessions scheduled today and the "share computer audio" worked just fine for my 1st meeting but when it came time to do the same for the 2nd meeting, it suddenly was not working. It stops the audio from my computer and when I asked my students if they could hear what I was sharing (music playing from Pandora on a tab in my browser) they said they only heard silence. I checked all volume controls and they were fine. HELP!