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Breakout room exit problem


I’m using a University of Nevada, Reno license of Zoom.

As the host, when I enter a breakout room in response to a “Ask for help” call and then exit using the “Leave breakout room,” I lose elements on my screen that were there before I entered the breakout room. These include the Participants, Chat, and Breakout Room windows. In addition, Share Screen is cancelled and I am muted.

How can I avoid needing to reset all these elements each time I pop in and out of a breakout room?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@BruceDSanders Hello Bruce this is a current limitation of breakout rooms as information is not saved upon entering and exiting the room. To request this as a feature request please reach out to our Product team at and provide your feedback on enhancing the breakout room feature. 

Hi, I am having a similar problem as a host, I have set up breakout rooms and when I enter a breakout room audio/video is fine, when I exit the breakout room all my meeting controls have disappeared and I have to restart the meeting and reset all sharing/audio settings etc etc. 


If the feature is unavailable it seems fairly pointless making the enter/exit breakout room (as host) available as it is impossible to host a meeting and keep losing the meeting set up / controls


Cheers Graham