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Black Video Screen


Hi Zoom Community,


I am running Windows 11 on an HP Elitebook laptop. My video screen is black on Zoom.


However, my video works with all other video conferencing platforms (Google Meet, MS Teams, etc.) so it's not a hardware issue. I have tried all Zoom troubleshooting articles -- disabled anti-virus applications, updated video drivers, and restarted my computer but still cannot solve the issue. 


Hoping the Zoom community can assist!





Bumping this question. Really need a solution to this.

I'm in the same boat with bb7.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

after reboot did you immediately try zoom?  If you have Google meet or Teams open it may cause issues with Zoom.  Can you send a screenshot?

Denise Lahat
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I have the same issue, just started in the last few days. Have checked my Norton anti-virus to make sure it did not turn on a block of my video. Nothing is blocked. My video camera is working, I can see my video in the display. It works in Teams meetings. But in a Zoom meeting, the person I am meeting with is getting a black screen from me. And it has happened with 3 different people I have met with in the last few days.