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Avoid "The host has another meeting in progress" for team meetings


We have a recurring meeting for our team at work.

The meeting was scheduled by one of the teammates.

The problem is that whenever that person has another meeting at the same time or a previous meeting has extended, the other teammates cannot enter the meeting and get the "The host has another meeting in progress".

We just need to have a recurring meeting (with a single meeting link), and that anyone would be able to join without relying on any single participant being in another meeting.


Currently when this happens, another person has to create a new meeting and invite all the attendees to the new meeting, which is a mess.

I found there is an "alternate host" feature, but it requires a certain subscription which we don't have (this option doesn't appear at all when scheduling a new meeting or editing an existing meeting).

Also, in the meeting settings I tried disabling the "waiting room" option, enabling the "allow participantes to join any time".
And in the profile settings enabling the "Allow participants to join before host" option.

All this didn't help, the participants still can't join and get the aforementioned message.


Any ideas?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Metheny 

Looks like you're running into that host's concurrent meeting limit, which limits how many active meetings a user can have at once. For most accounts, this is just 1 meeting at a time. 

To avoid this, I would suggest rescheduling that meeting so that someone else is the host, so that the team meeting can take place, regardless of if the other current host's meeting is running late. 


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

Hi @Bort,

The thing is that this is a recurring meeting where any participant might have a previous meeting extended on any day, which would cause the same issue. So changing the host to someone else wouldn't solve this problem.


Why doesn't it allow the meeting to start with the other participantes and the host would have to exit his previous meeting in order to join the new one? The host doesn't seem to be a special case here.


In any case, if there is any other solution please let me know.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

This is just how the system is designed. A host can only have 1 meeting running at a time, regardless of if they are actually in that meeting. 

There are other solutions, like upgrading your account to increase your concurrent capacity or adding a dedicated user to host that and any other important team meetings, but I can't say what would work best for your company's situation. 


If all users have their own access, have you tried creating a generic account for the company/team that could be the host of this meeting? Then with the other things you have set up (especially participants can enter before host) that should solve your problem.