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Automatically attend a zoom meeting




I work for a gliding club and since covid we do a daily reoccuring zoom briefing for our pilots that has been a great success and will be continued.


I have been requested to set up an information screen to show this daily briefing in our clubhouse, the briefing occurs 9AM every morning.  At other times the screen shows pictures and videos of our sport.


We ideally at the time of the briefing would like to switch accross to show the briefing live from Zoom automatically, the screen is connected to a Windows 10 pc that will be hidden away.


Is there any facility within zoom, either at the scheduler or client level that would allow this to happen?


Looking forward to hearing any ideas from you guys.


Kindest regards,


Paul Haliday


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @halidayp ,


Zoom definitely has a solution for this use case, we "Zoom Rooms Digital Signage" that comes with our Zoom Room Subscription.


Changing content settings and layout

You can choose settings and layout for your display content, including how long before and after a scheduled meeting they display, and if the screen includes the room name, time, sharing key and local weather conditions. Before you can choose the content settings and layout, you need to add content. 

  1. Access the content list for a location/floor/room.
  2. You can change the following settings:

Display period

You can choose how long before and after a scheduled meeting you want the digital signage to display. In the Display Period section, enter the number of minutes before or after the scheduled meeting time you would like the content to display. When done, click Save at the bottom.


See it in action: 


Learn more about: Zoom Rooms Digital Signage 


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Thank you and stay safe always.