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Auto reassign to different Breakout rooms for networking events.


Hello and I hope you are all having a great day.  
I run a few networking events and one of the most annoying parts of running these on Zoom is that if I want my colleagues to be able to all meet each other in breakout rooms, I have to manually assign them, and then re-assign so they can meet other people.   Example:  I have a networking meeting with 16 people.  We want to do 1:1 networking so we do 10 rounds of 4 minutes each round.  This means I have to manually create and assign groups 10 times to assure that there is no cross over.  This is a huge undertaking and means that as the host, I miss out on the actual networking as well.  Is there any better way?   Other groups have moved from Zoom on to other platforms that can do this automatically.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

While I understand your frustration with Zoom's native breakout room functionality for your specific use-case, there may be some Zoom Apps that can better facilitate your workflow.


For instance, Twine ( is specifically designed to use breakout rooms in a way that's more effective for speed dating(networking), etc:

Feel free to peruse the Zoom App marketplace for something that might work better for you than the functions natively baked into Zoom Breakout Rooms.