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Audio not working on Zoom desktop with brand new laptop, all drivers/ Windows versions current


I bought a new laptop basically for conducting Zoom job interviews, but audio will not work in Zoom desktop despite spending hours messing with drivers, settings etc. !!   This is extremely frustrating.  


I have a Swift GO 14 lap top (SFG14-71T).

Windows 11 Home came pre-installed on laptop

Realtek driver 6.0.9514.1

Zoom version must be latest as I just installed it 2 days ago


Speaker does not work in Zoom regardless of whether I select "Allow hardware acceleration of audio..." and "Enable audio enhancements".


Troubleshooters do not fix anything for me.


Speaker works fine in youtube etc. and all other windows applications


Why does your sound not work Zoom??







Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Since you only have ONE output device, most likely you have Zoom Meetings muted in Windows 11's sound mixer. Right click on the speaker icon in the system tray then click on open volume mixer (System > Sound > Volume Mixer). Look down the list of Apps and find Zoom Meeting and make sure that it is unmuted. Also check the volume control at the top and make sure that the System volume control is unmuted. Also make sure that both volume controls are turned all the way up. In addition, if Zoom will not allow you to unmute your mic because the button says "Join Audio" then click the button and click "Join with Computer Audio". If you can unmute the mic then select the audio menu (^) then "Test Speaker & Microphone" to test the speaker from Zoom.

Unfortunately, this doesn't fix my issue.  Volume controls are all turned up, umuted, etc.  Sound works in windows applications, but not in zoom


I replied to this thread yesterday and the reply was published, but then I made an edit to add a detail and since then the reply has been invisible. I don't know what the moderators are doing with it, so here it is again.


I'm seeing very similar problems to yours, jacqnice: brand-new laptop (Asus) equipped with Realtek sound. Windows 11, always up to date. Zoom latest version 5.17.11 (34827).

About two weeks ago it was working correctly. Yesterday the sound output in Zoom failed (but all other apps continue to work). When I do a mic test it splutters a bit and then silence, until the test sound is repeated.

Strangely, when I do a mic test, the playback is correct, so I can hear my own voice!


I've tried rolling back the Realtek driver, the Zoom desktop client. I shall draw the line at rolling back Windows, there are limits. I've also tried disabling audio enhancements etc. both in Zoom settings and in Windows device manager, to no effect.

I've seen that there's a long history in this forum of problems with sound, so I suppose I've been lucky so far to escape them for four years.

May I suggest that Zoom gets together with Realtek to sort this out. It's extremely annoying and does nothing to promote Zoom products.


Just adding (but not editing the previous post this time !!) that the sound output is not working even with Bluetooth devices, not just the internal laptop speakers.

Got it sorted. The problem was coming from Asus AI Noise Canceling.

Setting is in MyAsus (utility software) > Device settings > Audio & Visual


I can't help adding: another failure for AI. Very artificial, not intelligent.

Yes!!!  I just tried connecting my AirPods to my new lap top.  In Zoom, sound will not work either in my Airpods.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi jacqnice,


found this on microsoft community.  maybe this is an acer or microsoft issue?

Audio disabled in Windows 11 when plugging webcam - Microsoft Community


what version of windows 11 home are you using?

Windows 11 - release information | Microsoft Learn


thanks,  eliot


Yes, I've seen that post. I do have a Logitech webcam plugged into a docking station that my lap top is connected to.  I had to disable the webcam under "Sound, video and game controllers" for the laptop speaker to work in other windows applications.


I have Windows 11 Version 23H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5036893) version


Did you ever figure out how to fix this?  I am having same problem.

Yes, computer audio is now working in my Zoom application and I can successfully conduct zoom interviews without dialing in through my cellphone (which is always poorer quality).  I have no idea what changed and why it works now and didn't before.