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Airpods deconnect after 5-15min


Hi there,

I've been having this weird issue with Zoom. Everything is fine for the first 15 minutes or so, but then I suddenly can't hear anything, and my clients can't hear me either. It says it's still connected to my AirPods, but there's no sound. If I switch to my Mac's speakers, it starts working again. Also, if I leave the meeting and come back in, the sound is fine for a bit before it cuts out again.

It's pretty annoying and messing with my meetings. Any ideas on how to fix this?





are you sure you don't have multiple Mac and iOS devices connected to those AirPods? I have experienced my AirPods Pro may randomly connected to another device. I now use a dedicated wireless headset that only pairs with my Zoom computer. 

Zoom doesn't know if your AirPods pair somewhere else. so it would make sense that switching inside of zoom to your Mac speakers would fix hearing the zoom audio. 

I don't believe it would connect to other other devices as I don't touch my phone during meetings. Also, in the app it says it's connected to the airpods..

even though you don't touch if your iPhone is set to automatically pair it might just do that. I can refer you to Apple's article, scroll down to where you turn off Automatically switch.

I don't have my iPhone or iPad set to automatically. I have it set to "when last connected to this iPhone" or iPad 

My airpods are also set to  "when last connected to this iPhone"....

no other apple devices then? if not then possible the drop out due to interference to the signal. remember the AirPods are connected to your Mac, audio devices connected to your Mac are then available to the Zoom Desktop application. 

I watch netflix, youtube for hours.. It never drops. 
Only after a few minutes starting the meeting

ok, since those apps are only sending audio to the AirPods you could test that scenario out. in your Zoom meeting select Airpods under select a speaker, but under microphone select your built in Mac mic. if you don't get disconnected after 10-15 min then you know AirPods speakers work fine with Zoom. 


This is exactly what is happening for me!  Did you ever get a solution?