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Outlook calendar synch does not work with recurring meetings


I have MS Office including Outlook. I have a recurring meeting every day at 8:30 since months ago. 3 weeks ago this meeting was cancelled. In Outlook the meeting does not appear but in Zoom is still in the calendar and every day, at 8:25, I receive the notification that in 5 minutes I have the meeting. My zoom version is 5.16.6, the last one for MS Windows.


Hoy can I synch my Zoom calendar with Outlook correctly ?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner


so you are also using the outlook plugin? If so please also check if there is a newer version of it.
You can also try to disable the outlook integration and enable again, maybe this solves your issues

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My colleagues & I are experiencing the same issue and have for months.  I came here to search for answers to hopefully resolve this.  We had a recurring meeting move days from Wed to Thurs yet Zoom still alerts every Wed to this meeting that was moved to Thurs.  The meeting is from our development partner who also uses Zoom but not on the same domain as us.  


Having the same issue with multiple users. Meetings deleted in Outlook still show up in Zoom.  Have tried:


Uninstalling Zoom for Outlook client and reinstalling latest version

Unsync / resync 

Ensured bidirectional sync is on for everyone


I too have struggled with this synch issue for months.  Seems to be a known issue impacting recurring meetings - see below snippet from Zoom Support article: 


With automatic bi-directional syncing, you can ensure that the Zoom meetings that you create or update on either Zoom or external calendars will automatically sync across all integrated applications, such as the Zoom web portal, Zoom client, and integrated calendars.

Note: Currently, this feature only supports updates made to an individual meeting (non-recurring) or an entire series. Changes to a single occurrence in a recurring meeting are not supported and will not sync correctly.




I hope Zoom can solve this in a future release.