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Zoom Events: how to enable both automatic cloud recording + local recording


Hi there,
I'm holding a conference on Zoom Events where we'll be recording each session and giving attendees access to the recordings afterwards, via the event lobby. I'm keen to use automatic cloud recording, so that it's one less thing to do.
But for at least one session, I'll also be having interpreting. And I've been told by Zoom that to capture the audio of the interpreter, I need to have someone select the relevant interpreting stream and record it, saving it locally to their computer. But I also want to record the main audio. So for at least one session I need to have two things recording: the main audio (ideally via automatic cloud recording) and the interpreter audio (via local recording). I can figure out how to do the former, but can't figure out how to do local recording at the same time. Whenever I try in test sessions as the host, I have to pause the main recording. I've also tried to assign recording permissions to an attendee in-session to see if they're able to do this, but I don't see this as an option when I select their name. 
Any advice would be appreciated! 


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @nzsti, thanks for your question! First, I want to make sure you have enabled local recording in your Zoom Events Conference. This can be found in the Advanced Options section > In Session > Allow local recording.


To record an interpretation channel, you'll need to assign someone (who is ideally not a host or co-host) to stay in that channel and local record. Once cloud recording starts, hosts and co-hosts cannot start a local recording. If your session is a webinar, a regular panelist without host rights can do the local recording. If your session is a meeting, make sure you give recording permission to a regular attendee so they can local record.  If you do want a co-host to local record, they will need to start the recording before the cloud recording and again, they will need to stay in that channel the whole time. 


If you have any further questions, let me know. If not, feel free select this answer as an accepted solution. Thanks!