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Zoom Events Suggestion - Exhibitors/sponsors option to not have a 'details' page


I am working on setting up an event and we have a number exhibitors/sponsors for it. The event is hybrid so they are with us in onsite but we want to recognize them online too. The page showing their name an logo looks great and would be enough to meet our needs, however because the logos click through to something I have just spent quite some time building out pages for each exhibitor so there isn't an almost blank page if shown if the logo is clicked on.


We gave the exhibitors the capacity to add content themselves and sent an email encouraging them to do so but no one did, not high on their list of priorities. Can I suggest that there be an option to turn the page on and off, if it is off the logo can be shown and just not clickable, and maybe the ones that are clickable could have link for 'Learn more'.


It is a great feature to have but if don't want to embarrass your exhibitors/sponsors with blank pages it does force you to add some content, and make choices on what that content should be.


Also, I will note as has been noted in other posts, the social media links do not appear on the pages when you populate them.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @ianlester.


There is a work-around to the social media links issue: enter them in the description block with text and put a hyperlink on them. Zoom is aware that the links only show in the exhibitor booth; I don’t think putting it anywhere else is a priority for them. 

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