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Webinar Panelists with Attendee Ticket being upgraded automatically


I want my webinar panelists to use an attendee ticket for sessions other than theirs, but zoom is now automatically letting them in as panelists even on their attendee ticket----this is new, and a problem---I can't have 40 panelists behind the scenes in every session; they need to be able to watch as attendees. Is there an over-ride?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Panelists are assigned per webinar. If your webinar has multiple sessions, you need to adjust the panelist and attendee lists between sessions. Zoom doesn’t have the ability to modify settings for each session

In the future,  consider making multiple Webinars, as opposed to one webinar with multiple sessions, though I t may complicate the registration for your attendees.

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Hi Ray, This doesn't address my problem. The panelists' "panelist" invites are working as expected (and as you describe above). When they use their panelist tix they come in as a panelist. What is not working as expected is their attendee registration tickets. In the past, roles were separated by ticket---so say John is my panelist for a webinar. I don't want him backstage the whole time so I ask him to register for an attendee tix to use for most of the day. He does, so now he has 2 tix, a panelist tix and an attendee tix. However now instead of leaving him in the audience (if John is to be believed), the attendee tix he registers for separately brings him in as a panelist! I spent the whole webinar demoting people to attendee and bringing them in as panelist when I needed them. This used to not be a problem----attendee tix left whomever in the audience, even if they also had a separate panelist tix.