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Slides a virtual background


Hi, is there a way to make the video portion of me when using 'slides as a virtual background' without Zoom attempting to do some green screen fx?


I am hosting a powerpoint presentation and I do want a small box of me in the top right hand corner.  The video though is attempting to do some kind of green screen effect and I want it to just be a normal background.  I look like a ghost!


Is there a setting I can click to fix this please?  Thanks.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @cholmes1.


The bad news: You don't have that level of fine control over what goes where.

The good news: Just share your PowerPoint presentation and Spotlight your camera's video.  Zoom will natively put the Share Screen portion along with your camera video on screen.  Attendees will normally have one of two views available to them: one already has you side-by-side with the Share Screen portion; the other might have your video in a "floating box" which overlays a portion of their view of the Share Screen area, but they can move your video around OR minimize it if the slide info takes up the full screen.

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