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Panelists having issues joining Zoom Webinar Practice Sessions


I've added panelists to Zoom Webinar sessions (including members of my internal team), who have been experiencing issues joining the practice session. We have confirmed that panelists are signed into their Zoom accounts, and attempting to access the event from the Zoom account connected to their panelist status.


The workaround we've found that helps give panelists direct access is by "resending" their panelist notification that provides a unique link to join (however, the "Join Webinar" button doesn't always do this correctly - They have to access the link "If the button above does not work, paste this into your browser:". 


This seems to be a glitch/issue with Zoom. Can anyone confirm if we are doing something wrong? We have found the workaround with the panelist reminder email, but hope to have a more seamless panelist experience (where individuals can just join with their Zoom account, having been added in advance).


Thank you so much!


Contributor I
Contributor I

Your panelists don't have to be signed into their Zoom account, but they DO need to be using the same email that was in the panelist email.  It's not a glitch.

Thanks, Librarycat! Confirming that they are using the email address associated with the panelist email - The issue still persists and there are still issues joining unfortunately. This has been the case for multiple panelists on multiple different events, including internal to my organization and external.


I have had the same issue and they are definitely using the emails associated with their panelist invite. Curious if you ever figured out the issue? 

Hi erikarincon, no we didn't find a resolution. The only guaranteed way for them to access the webinar without issue is through the direct link included in the Zoom panelist email. We "resend" this within the hour prior to the event in hopes of quicker direct access. But there has been no resolution on their Zoom account with correct email address not allowing them to access as a panelist.



We're having the same issue via  Our work around is providing panelist their direct unique link to the webinar for both practice sessions and webinars.