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Meeting or Webinar - help please




we need to host a remote meeting for up to 100 participants. We are unsure if we need a meeting or a webinar. We have to deliver a lot of important information that all participants must be able to see/hear. We may also have a guest speaker  and wish to show video and photos to all at the meeting. However, it is important that we can have specific times for  Q & A so do not want participants talking over the speaker or each other. 


If possible we would like 2-5 people to be the main Hosts and for all of the attendees to be able to  view the hosts and for the hosts to view all of the participants.


We would also like to use a whiteboard if possible to show documentation to all participants.


I hope this makes sense and appreciate ant feedback on this request.


Thank you.




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi @alphacenturi ,


From the description you indicate of the planning you have for the event, it fits perfectly with a webinar.

In addition, it will greatly simplify the operation of the session and you will generate a very positive impact on all attendees.

Go ahead with that webinar! 😊

Best regards,

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Creator I
Creator I

Hi alphacenturi,


I would disagree with @david-vola, If you want the host to be able to view the participants (video and not just a list of names) you will need to use a meeting. Webinars do not allow participants to share their video.  Here is a side by side comparison of the two products

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