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Editing a Recurring Webinar




Can someone please explain what this means? We are setting up a recurring webinar with registration where registrants can select which webinar they would like to attend. Our panelists will change for each webinar so they will have to edited/added during the time period of the recurring webinars. Will this affect our registrations?

Also, is there a way to have an option for "All of the Above" when registrants are choosing which webinar to register for on the registration page? Please explain what this means if you can.


  • Note: If you schedule a recurring webinar with registration, editing the recurring webinar will cause you to lose registration data, meaning registrants will have to register again.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The recurring webinar is really for a webinar event that is the same, like a team meeting or similar.
The other primary use is when you give a list of the same events, and the attendees can choose which one they want to attend.

If you are having different speakers, I suggest you make them separate webinars, which will give you more scope to customise the titles and content.  I find better attendance when I do this and even better responses if you start using Zoom sessions and put all your webinars in a hub,

all the best


Thank you John