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Alertness checks for continuing education credit


Hi all, I'm brainstorming ways I can implement alertness check during events that have continuing education credits associated with them. I know Zoom did away with their attention tracking but due to the accreditation body's rules we still need a way to verify attendees were actively paying attention to the webinar throughout. 


I think an obvious alternative is sending out poll questions, but our lead presenter doesn't like this idea. Does anyone have other ways they track attendee participation? 



You have a few options. You could verify long they stay in the webinar for to make sure they are present for the entire time. You could also run polls to determine alertness. Both sources of data are available in your Zoom account and you can access after the webinar. If you want to automate attendance tracking you could use APIs to combine participation data with registration and/ or polling data to get a list of who actually participated. There is also a marketplace app, Salepager, that can combine these reports to track attendance for you.