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Status and Status Message: Enhancement Request


In our agency we've gone "All in" with Zoom. We have zoom phones, zoom chat, etc... For the most part I love it. I'm really satisfied with the product overall. That being said there is always room for improvement and here's the one spot in which the product is lacking: Statuses and setting them.

At my last company we were using Cisco Phones and had Cisco Jabber as our PC software. It's a pretty good product. Their product had "Custom Statuses". There I would set for example "At Lunch" / Away. I would set my status and message on the same screen and those combinations could be saved to a list. That would be in a drop down of statuses. I had several of these setup. They didn't automatically expire, like yours can, but they were a one click, quick change. Click your status, pick from the drop down, and everything(status and message) was set.


In this Zoom product these two features are too far apart. I have a Status Message that I can set, and that is completely decoupled from my actual status of Available, Busy, Do not disturb, Away, or Out of Office.


Here is the screen for setting my status message, notice I can't actually set my status from that screen. It's just not there.



Here I can set my actual status...



What I would like to see is something like this...



There I can set my Message, Status, and have a button to add it to my "Custom List" if I want to. Don't lose what makes your product special I like the Clear After Options... but if you're going to have that, we need a "Default Message". My default would probably be that "Working from Home". Someone else's might be "Out of the Office". Maybe they put working and that expires after 8 hours, or at a certain time and it goes back to the default of "Out of the Office" message.

Another example might be "At Lunch" / Away, Clear after 30 minutes... which would go back to my default of "Working from home."

That custom list would just replace this...



It would instead say something like this...


* here indicates your default Status Message. The default would never expire. If I go to lunch I might select the Lunch 30 min. option. That will set my status to Away, set my message to "Lunch 30 min." and expire after thirty minutes going back to my Default Status... You might have a Out of Office "Sick" Never... Which would never expire(clear after). You would them manually select your default when you recover. 

I just find the current system to be frustrating having to visit two spots to set your status and something, due to that, that is overlooked in my workflow. I'd like to select it, just like this...


A simple drop down of the options above and click to select the one I want. I can see it all the time and change everything very easily. That would be the most ideal.

Thanks for your time and consideration reading this.






Just some afterthoughts...


1. The set status message screen above could have a checkbox for "Default Status" to set that. 
2. In the menu of status options you could have an red "X" on the right that would allow you to remove one from the menu. That would have a message box popup asking you to confirm the removal of that status option.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello Matt,


Interesting observations. I think your ideas will get more traction if you submit them through the Zoom feedback tool.

"Zoom welcomes your ideas, requests or comments about Zoom".

Submit your feature request here;  


I can't submit pictures in that interface like I can here, any suggestions with that?

I ended up putting a link in there to this post.