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Exporting channel chat history to csv no longer available


Hello all,


I am the owner / admin of a Zoom One Business plan.


In July 2021, I had experimented briefly with exporting a csv history of a Zoom Team chat for archival / long term safekeeping. I understand that Zoom lets us hold onto them in the cloud for up to 10 years, but we just want to archive the channel with the rest of the job data and delete it entirely from the cloud. I'm not worried about broken attachments / links.


As of July 2021, there was a feature in Zoom which allowed me to export a channel's chat history to a csv. I recall having to add myself to the channel to be able to do it, but it was absolutely doable. I have an exported test file on my computer to this day.


That feature seems to have vanished from Zoom client / web interface. All I can seem to do is export a csv list of the channel's members which isn't helpful. Does anyone recall how to export the actual chat data from a channel to a csv? It used to be possible.