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Custom Emoji's


Has there been any more development on using custom emoji's in the chat section?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @KariLynn  thank you for your question in the Zoom community! Just to be sure we understand, are you wanting to upload your own emojis into Zoom persistent chat? Or Zoom in-meeting chat? Maybe both? We are definitely working to expand the emoji set available with persistent chat and in-meeting chat and it sounds like you would like to be able to upload your own emojis?

Yes, this is a feature our Slack users love. Trying to convert more of them to Zoom chat!

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

I agree with @KariLynn. In Zoom chat, it would be nice to add new custom emojis to the add reaction button. Currently, it lseems like you can add a custom emoji as long as it is added to chat first as a posted comment, then right-clicking and selecting "add to emoji". However, this only works with specific picture formats (i.e., GIF, PNP, etc...), and that only saves it to the emoji favorites. Once added, the option to use the favorite emojis only appears when you want to post the emoji as an actual posted comment. The favorite emoji's option doesn't appear when you want to add it as a reaction to a posted comment. I would love to have the ability to save the icon and be able to use it as a standard comment reaction. 

Note, I'd like to have this for the Zoom persistent chat specifically but others may want it in other Zoom products. 


Have there been any updates on this feature request?

I would love to be able to add custom emojis for Zoom in-meeting chat and reactions; persistent chat would be cool, too. There are a ton of emojis available online as well as being able to upload your own pics as emojis.


Please add custom emojis.... or at least a Thank You emoji in the short term.


the ability to upload custom emojis is also a feature that I am looking forward. hopefully, we could get it soon.