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Any way to disable "Advanced Chat Encrypted" pop-up message?


My company have enabled "Advanced Chat Encryption" for our Zoom messages. This adds a little 'lock' symbol above the message field that says:

"Chat content is Advanced Chat Encrypted. However, this chat's metadata (such as the chat's name and chat members' names) will still be viewable or editable by account owner, account admins, and others designated by the account owner."

This pop-up comes up every single time your mouse cursor passes the icon. This is extremely frustrating as I have multiple monitors set up, with Zoom on my right-most monitor, and my cursor very frequently passes this icon. 

Every time I go to write a message, or move my cursor away from that location, the pop-up message appears. The issue is that it does not dissapear unless you click elsewhere in the Zoom window. 

As per the image attached, you can see that the pop-up covers a large portion of the text in the chat window, which means that if I move my cursor away from Zoom and pass the icon without realising, I have to click back into the window to make it dissapear. 

The pop-up should dissapear when you are no longer hovering, require a click to see it in the first place, or the icon should be moved to a different location such as under the "More Info" button at the top right of the chat window.





I also hate this popup and have been annoyed by it many dozens of times.  Hover popups are the bane of my existence and no UX designer should ever use them.  If I want to see something, I'll click on it.


Another awful thing is that the Emoji popup appears if your mouse hovers over it.  So if I enter a chat and try to start typing in the chat, but my mouse cursor happens to rest over the Emoji icon, it starts typing into the Emoji searchbar instead of the chat.  Again, hover popups are the worst.


Yes its very annoying. the padlock is in the middle of the main area where the mouse moves so it always pops up and gets stuck open. Please move the padlock into another corner away from the main chat area.