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Zoom rooms end time?????


I am having the problem with the Zoom Rooms,


We had been paid for the Zoom Rooms License and still didnt understand why Zoom Rooms will automatically end the meeting in 40mins, even if i had been setting the meeting for 240mins. Any one can help with my issues?? or i had been paid for the wrong licnese?? or any zoom team could help me to fix this problem??????


Note that: We are holding the Zoom Rooms with Logitech min Rally bar



assuming the room is configured correctly, you need to invite the room as a required attendee. If you are using the outlook plugin, that will drop it down to the location as well. DO NOT manually choose your room as a location


It is also possible that the meeting was scheduled by a Basic account holder, although once the room connects the time limit should disappear.

I believe the slider is so if a meeting is scheduled and no one starts it within the time limit that is selected then the room will cancel it from it's meeting list. Not exactly sure about that but I think I read somewhere that is what that was for.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

If the meeting is scheduled by a Basic (free) user and the Zoom Room is invited, then the meeting would have to be started in the Zoom Room by the Basic user, for the 40 minute limit to be removed.