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Zoom Room Controller; Zoom running on Browser


We have a Samsung tablet running the Zoom Room controller and are able to invite the Room to the meeting.

If the Zoom Room is in attendance of the meeting via the app, it appears the Room is not able to "share screen". i.e. its own items from the tablet storage.


Is it possible to to have the Zoom Room controller tablet attend the meeting via the installed browser?


Why do I ask? 

We have a day long event with presenters running a relay through the physical meeting room.

We have a cumulative presentation which would allow the speakers to simply walk in begin, speak, exit.

(Goal is to eliminate connection time, oh wait what slide are we on, disconnection/connection time.)


What I see in my mind:

  • tablet with Zoom Room controller off, not engaged
  • on the tablet, Browser joins the Zoom via the link included in the calendar to the room
  • (would the Zoom app need to be installed)
  • Browser is now able to share slides from tablet and be "home base" for presenters as they relay through the physical meeting space.

What am I missing? Is the room tablet attending the meeting able to share screen of contents housed on the tablet?



Zoom Room Controller is a software application that allows users to control Zoom Rooms from an iOS or Android device. It provides an easy and intuitive way to manage Zoom Rooms, including starting or joining a meeting, controlling cameras and microphones, and sharing content.

On the other hand, Zoom running on a browser means that you can access Zoom directly through a web browser, without the need for downloading and installing the Zoom application. This allows for greater accessibility and convenience, as you can quickly join a Zoom meeting from any device with an internet connection and a compatible web browser.


Thanks for the clarification of features between Zoom Room Controller and Zoom in a browser!

Do you happen to know if a tablet is able to run a Zoom meeting in the browser while also having Zoom Room Controller active?

For example: 

  • We need the tablet with the Zoom Room Controller functioning in order to schedule the room and display as unavailable on all calendars.
  • We would like to have the actual Zoom meeting functionality running on the same tablet in the browser. 
  • If both tools are running at the same time on the same tablet will will they conflict with each other?

This is what comes to mind:

  • If I start the meeting from the Zoom Controller (to indicate the room is occupied) then enter the meeting from the same user account within the browser will the two situations be in conflict?

Thanks for any additional information or suggestions!