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Zoom Room Calendar Credentials




I am getting a "the calendar credentials are either expired or invalid" error on the controller Poly TC8. However, everything checks out Green lit within the Admin Center. Anyone has any ideas?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Dseverinojr, I would check if the calendar credentials are still working. You can first click the sync button on the calendar page to see if any errors come up when trying to sync. You can also re-authenticate the dedicated user in case the credentials have changed.


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Can you please explain what you mean by re-authenticating the dedicated user?


I am getting the same error message on one of my zoom room controllers.  I have 4 other rooms using the same google calendar account and they are not having this issue.   Suggestions 

In using builtin Zoom on the Facebook Portal Go (FPG), I receive this message after successfully linking to my account (device shows under Device Manager).  But on FPG, there is no "sync button" that i can find.


@Dseverinojr, also check to make sure you have your certificate loaded. I ran into this problem going through the self-help guide. 

Admin > Room Management > Zoom Rooms > Account Profile > Device Management > Server Certificate for Zoom Rooms


FYI- for any future users that come across this issue.

I had to "Reauthorize" the Google Workspace account we use to sync Calendars with Zoom via the Admin web interface -> Room Management -> Calendar Integration -> click "Reauthorize" button

and it fixed the issue for all our Zoom Rooms

Thanks Chris. I will expand on your answer too as it was helpful for me but there was a deeper reason. 


We have a Dummy Account we call Video Conferencing which is the account we use to manage the calendar resources within Google Workspace. That dummy account then manages the calendars for each of our Zoom rooms with all of our staff invited to share that calendar.


For us, that account got deleted as it was not being used (no login activity) and this broke our calendar sync to the rooms. 


Solution was to recreate the account, sign out of all instances, re-sign in and then use one of the staff accounts to share the calendar resource back to the dummy account, making it an admin. Once this was done, we could then reauthenticate per your suggestion within the Zoom admin panel and then go to individual Zoom rooms and re-assign the specific calendar to that room . Hopefully this is helpful. Just took me an hour of my life to sort out but all seems to be working again now. 

hi JohnZ - what type of permissions does the dummy account have?  

To be clear, this is a Google Workspaces dummy account. It simply has a generic "videoconference@" email address that allows the Zoom Room set up to authenticate with that account's credentials instead of using my work email as the authenticating account for adding a calendar. Perhaps that would have worked too but I wanted it separate from me. 


Then, that dummy account created individual (google) calendars for each of our Zoom Rooms and shared those calendars to our staff as shared calendar resources.


In the zoom room authenticator, I then logged in with the dummy credentials for each room and added the appropriate calendar resource to that zoom room. 


The result is that our staff each have their own calendars with shared calendars for each of our zoom rooms. They can then book a zoom call in that zoom room and it blocks the calendar for others to use the room in that time and they can add the zoom call credentials to that calendar event, which lets our tap pad in that room sync the event and start the call on time. 


I hope this is helpful. I am impressed with the functionality now that it is running as we have many luddites on staff who have all adapted easily but I did find the set up of this functionality a bit of a labyrinth.   


When i follow this it prompts for a MS login. I assume thats the calendar's?

I cannot speak to Teams setup but I assume its the same as Google Workspace....


Create the dummy videoconference@ account with Teams. Use that account to create shared calendar resources for each of your zoom rooms. Example "Zoom Room 1 calendar, zoom room 2 calendar, etc" In the zoom room set up, authenticate with the ms teams dummy account and wait for the refresh to let you see what resources Zoom can pull from that account. You should see a list of that account's various calendars. Assign the appropriate zoom room calendar resource to the appropriate zoom room and you will then be able to create calendar events on that calendar that will appear on that room's tap pad. 


I'm getting same error, resource calendar email shows synced and in green.... @RN  I can confirm credentials hasn't change