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Yealink A30

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

I have a Yealink A30 at my house, it works great however I have one major issue I am hoping someone could assist me with.  Whenever I join a meeting and the person who has started the meeting and presses record my tablet freezes and I can't do anything.  Has anyone else ran into the same issue.



Hi @codonnell ,


I have not used the Yealink device that you are using but have run into an issue like this with other devices.


Many times Zoom Accounts will have "Recording notifications" enabled which will present a disclaimer to participants when a recording starts AND require you to click a button to acknowledge that the meeting is being recorded.


I have seen situations where appliances like yours will not present the notification properly and cause problems. In my case it would just disconnect the meeting.


I would suggest either placing a call to your organizations tech support (if available) or contacting Yealink directly as they may be aware of this issue and potentially may have a software/firmware patch you could apply to the hardware to correct this problem.


Here is a link to the Yealink Troubleshooting Guide from Zoom in case you had not already found it.


Hope this helps!