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Welcome to the Rooms and Workspaces Board!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Welcome! 👋


We are excited to have you in the Rooms & Workspaces Community! Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment to learn and expand on ideas regardless of experience levels. 


New to Rooms & Workspaces, check out our Getting Started page!


For the board:


  • Ask questions! If you have it, chances are someone else does too!
  • Become a contributor - your experience is invaluable! With a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, we can help each other in meaningful ways!
  • Explore and Enjoy!


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About Me

I’m Tom, a small town midwesterner that tends to put ranch on everything.  I have a background in AV and Acoustics.  You will see me (and other team members) all throughout this forum!  Please feel free to reach out!




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Zoomalorian 


Good stuff!


The Rooms and Workspaces Board should be a great place to discuss all features (and the challenges) of the solutions in this areas.


I think rooms and hybrid spaces and collaborative technology are are all a great mix when done right.  Helping people find the right mix, and tuning the right solutions, to provide excellent experiences and productive outcomes is what I am all about! So I am looking to getting more involved in the Rooms and Workspaces Board moving forward.


About Me

I'm Rupert in Dallas, Texas - originally from London, England.  I've lived in the USA for 12 years and have a total of 25 years experience IT & Operations, Telecom and Facilities Management - with a background in Electrical Engineering. I use (and manage) Zoom extensively in collaborative and remote contribution pipelines, including 1080p and using Zoom Rooms and NDI into live Productions and hybrid events. I am a particular fan of integration (being an engineer at heart) in both with hardware and software, physical or virtual. 


I think Zoom Rooms, and even all the Personal Collaboration Devices, are a great way to leverage the versatility and power of Zoom - in environments ranging from large events, right down to Zoom For Home!


I have been a beta tester for Zoom Rooms in the past, I am a Business account holder with Zoom, and I have been a trial user on Zoom Events on OnZoom .  I am also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.


I participate in several Zoom-centered technical communities. The Zoom Community being the newest for me. 









Hi Tom;  My name is Richard.  When I want students to sign in and wait for me, I have a picture of an owl that they will see but it is not centred properly.  How do I fix that?