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Using Zoom Rooms in shared space with multiple user logins?


I am curious if Zoom Rooms has a way to be started and ready for screen sharing on a shared PC that would be logged into with random/different user accounts.  I was apple to login and activate Zoom Rooms with the activation code as a Zoom Administrator.  However, I would like for others to be able to launch Zoom Rooms when logged in with their account, without have to re-enter the activation code.  The goal is to allow various staff members login to our meeting room PC and launch Zoom Rooms to use as a method for wireless sharing content from a laptop being used in the room.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You would have to constantly regenerate the activation code (after expires) and have them enter activations every time. The easiest thing to do is create an auto-login local account and lock the PC down to do nothing but Zoom Room.

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