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SIP/H.323 Favorite Contact Zoom Rooms


I think this is more of a feature request than anything but is there a way to create a SIP/H.323 Favorite in "Contacts" and have it automatically display the keypad for touch tones once it connects?


We've currently created one for our Poly Zoom Rooms to dial an external SIP URI.  This connects fine. However given that we are now in an IVR and need to enter an ID it's not immediately apparent how to do that..  You have to tap Participants>Tap the SIP participant>then "Show Keypad". 


This seems overly complicated given that, when you dial the same SIP URI manually from "New Meeting>Call SIP/H.323", you are immediately presented with a "Keypad" button.


Our Poly X50 is running 4.1.2-388101 and the Zoom app 5.17.5 on both the TC8 and X50/30.  Any help is appreciated.