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Hi everyone, do you know if it is possible to record different rooms at the same time ? 

I am about to lead a workshop, and people will work together by groups of 5. 

So they will be 12 "small"classrooms open in the same meeting. 

Is it possible to do a recording for each ? 


Thank you for your help!



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Hoda7 thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! Currently you can only do one cloud recording for a meeting so if you separate people in the meeting into Breakout Rooms, you could not start up a cloud recording from within each BO Room. You can, however, have someone do a local recording in a BO Room which would capture the conversations in that specific BO Room. Each BO Room would need someone to do a local recording. 

Local recordings save to the user's computer and process (convert the recording into a viewable video file) after they are out of the meeting. More info about local recordings here in case it helps:


Please note the host needs to have their settings enabled to allow Local recording for meetings. Then when you are in the meeting you can give participants the ability to record. I would perform this task before breaking people into separate BO rooms.  This link shows how to record while in a BO Room


If you have time for a quick test before the meeting that would also be good just to make sure you understand the workflow and allow someone to record locally, disconnect from the meeting, and give their computer time to process the recorded file. 


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