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Problems to view recorded reunions


When I attend reunions in live I have no problems but when I try to see recorded reunions it stops at the tenth second!

 Did someone have this problem?

Does anyone Knowles hoy to solve it?

Thank you! 



there's not a lot of detail here but I can make a guess. I take it your are not the host of this meeting because you said attend. I think the Host of the meeting may have been using WiFi to connect to Zoom. Wifi is not as reliable as a hard wired ethernet connection. I am also assuming that the Host of the meeting did a local recording. if there was any jitter or lag in the wifi connection during the meeting it might have a tough time stitching that recording together. Or I have seen where the default save location of the recorded file isn't local on the pc rather a network drive which could also cause an issue if using wifi. 

Best practice is to hard wire your pc or laptop that's connected to Zoom. Choosing cloud record keeps it all on Zooms equipment during the meeting. There are also more record options in the cloud and you get an emailed link of the recording afterwards.