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Low bandwidth network is detected for Zoom Room


One of my Zoom Rooms generates a "Low bandwidth network is detected" warning message and email almost every time I start a meeting.


I've done a bunch of speed tests and never seen less than 200 MBps up or down and often MUCH higher. While there are two 4k cameras, the Zoom software is running on an i7-10700k PC so there should be plenty of processing power. I've checked network firewall logs and don't see anything getting blocked that shouldn't.


I haven't noticed any performance problems, but the messages are annoying.


None of my other Zoom rooms do this, but they are single camera.


How does Zoom determine that bandwidth is a problem? Are there any diagnostic tools?



I am having the same issue, and I've got monitoring on the switchport the room is using.  
Whenever this alert happens (several times a week) someone is screensharing.
And whenever this alert happens, bandwidth on that switchport spikes to an astounding...
3 megabits per second

Zoom is losing its mind over 3Mb of traffic on a gigabit port in a Nexus switch.

Plus, you get an alert in the middle of your screen which makes your users freak out