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How can I open a meeting that will never end ?


How can I open a meeting that will never end?
I need to have a place where all my participants can go at any hour of the day any day of the week to meet up with others...
How can I do that?
What do I need?

Thanks for your help


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Not possible to run a forever meeting, but...


I used the Join before Host option to achieve this. If you are a free basic host, the meeting duration limit is 40 minutes, but for a licensed host, it can go up to 30 hours. Having the JBH means that the meeting can run even without the host so I actually run a virtual coffee corner for a couple of years during business hours. What happened outside of business hours I have no idea... which reminds me: If you use this, please add a password and it might be wise to change it from time to time.


Hope it helps.


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