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Exchange 2019 Calendar Integration





we actualy deal with the calendar integration for zoom rooms.

The problem, no Meetings or other calendar entry's are shown on the zoom controler, also we are not able to plan a meeting via the controler. 

In our main zoom account we had integrated the exchange calendar and assigned it to the zoom room. 

If we sync the calendar, there is no error message and the sync time is actual, hoever there are no meetings visible at the controler.


Our goal in short:


- create a meeting via outlook zoom plugin and invite our conferenz room to it

  so that the conferenc room is blocked for other persons and the meeting is scheduled 


our configuration in short


- we created a exchange mailbox (i.e. zoomroom[at] and assign "full access" to our exchange room ressource (conference room)


- we also created a basic user (no licenses left at this time) in our zoom main account with the same mailadress as the exchange mailbox (zoomroom[at]


- in our zoom main account under "calendar integration" we choose "exchange" and provide the following information

  exchange user name (company[\]zoomroom or zoomroom), the right password for the user (of course the exchange password), the ews url and the exchange version  (we choose 2016 becuase 2019 is not aviable)


- we created the calendar ressource conferenceroom[at]  (we also tried zoomroom[at] it does not matter)


- we assigned the calendar ressource to our zoom room


in the end there where no meeting visible at the controler, the book process works flawlessly but it seems that the calendar is not synced (although it was displayes as "synced" with correct time)

we also cant schedule a meeting via the controler (error is something like "your meeting is not scheduled")


what we can do to solve this ??